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Collection of donations in support of Ukraine

Funds go to the accounts of the official Ukrainian fund 24UA and are directed to the most important needs of victims and defenders

Who you can help:

  • For children, families, elderly people

    In the de-occupied territories of Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka, Gostomel, Vorzel, Ivankov

  • To the defenders and their families

    Battalions, separate units, territorial defense

  • Hospitals

    Field units, paramedics

Financial assistance

Choose a direction

Help with goods or services

  • Food products for long-term storage

  • Medications

  • Personal hygiene products

Any other services your company provides based on your positioning


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Who has already been helped

Responsibility and transparency

The 24UA fund is verified by the state, has a complete package of documents, reports according to legislation

  • 1

    We minimize bureaucracy in order to quickly and efficiently solve tasks

  • 2

    100% of the collected funds are earmarked

  • 3

    We are responsible for the funds on our own authority

  • 4

    We report to each Donor about the funds spent

Among our partners

We received the highest rating from independent auditors Diplomacy in Ireland - The European Diplomat.

As partners, we are trusted by such respectable organizations as the Serhiy Prytula Foundation, the German Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin E.V. Foundation, the UACC American Foundation, the Christian Vision World Organization, the Astrum Clinic, and the Hearts For Ukraine Foundation.