Fund 24UA

Ukrainian Fund for assistance,
support and development

Whom we help

Side by side with the victims of the aggressor
and the defenders of Ukraine
Civilians, internally displaced persons
Defenders and their families
Medical institutions
Restoration of Ukraine and resources of compatriots

We work in 3 directions


Humanitarian and protective functions

Provision of medicines - unique first aid kits 24UA

upplying of essential products

Providing protective equipment, tactical medicine and electronics


Support projects

Psychological and medical support for defenders and their families

Consultations and trainings on preservation and development of mental health of Ukrainians

Legal support


Adaptation to a peaceful life

Maintenance of defenders in the transition "from weapons to peaceful profession"

Assistance in realizing the business ambitions of the military

Educational and business programs to support entrepreneurs

We are leaders and managers from the TOP-100 companies

Our team

Dmytro Lytvynov

Co-founder, operating officer, Fundraiser

In peacetime

Entrepreneur, business analyst. MentalHealth coach and instructor for leaders and their companies. 12 years in management positions.

Valentyn Saienko

Co-founder, strategic leader, Fundraiser

In peacetime

Businessman. Expert in business development. 20 years of practical experience in managing multidisciplinary holdings.

Svitlana Shatska

Fund Coordinator,
Fundraising Director

In peacetime

Project Manager, founder of the Ukrainian brand "BagsMood"

Yevhen Kariakin

NFT Kids Museum project manager, fundraising manager

In peacetime

Director, choreographer, producer of television and stage shows in 10 countries. Entrepreneur. Artist. Founder of the fashion brand TO PALTO.

Natalia Rodinova

Head of Auto supply for the Armed Forces

In peacetime

Owner of the Rockets event agency, event organizer. Organizer of the women's volunteer group #wsehelpua in Kyiv.

Olena Saienko

Head of Human Resources

In peacetime

Practitioners in the field of human resource management. HRD, independent HP expert and career coach. 10 years in HR

Inna Morozova

Head of marketing

In peacetime

Marketing expert. Experience in managing the marketing function for SMO positions in national companies is 20 years.

Oleksandra Saienko

Work coordinator of foreign funds

In peacetime

Head of Sales Scrum Ukraine - a coaching company

Olha Bielienko

Coordinator of work with tactical medicine, Fundraiser

In peacetime

Businesswoman with 20 years experience, restaurateur. CEO and Co-founder of the architectural company "Belenko & Band"

Alina Smyshliak

PR, Marketing and Communications Manager

In peacetime

9 years in PR. Consultant and practitioner in the field of brand reputation management, corporate culture and communications.

Ruslan Kalinovskyi

Volunteer of the Foundation

In peacetime

Founder of URAGAN, a professional freight services company.

Anna Kolesnikova

SMM specialist,
Social Network Manager

In peacetime

Graphic designer, smm-specialist, content-creator

Olena Rudenko

Manager consultant

In peacetime

Diva’s Fur Salon Consultant Manager

Yevhen Rudenko

Fundraiser, Volunteer

In peacetime

Private entrepreneur

Yevhen Lavryk

Fundraiser, Volunteer

In peacetime

Private entrepreneur

Maryna Khmil

Head of Logistics Department

In peacetime

Assistant manager. Accountant KP KAG Kagarlikteplomerezha

Dmytro Trutsko

Project manager,
promotion specialist

In peacetime

Project manager, creation and promotion of Elife sites

Bohdan Shuliak

Graphic designer,
content creator

In peacetime

Entrepreneur. Design studio and advertising agency Goodstory Studio.

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Involved and spent on assistance in different parts of Ukraine


(82 089 €)

(81 689 €)
Provided with critical medication
Delivered products and hygiene items
Helped by means of tactical medicine and protection


We received the highest marks from independent auditors
Diplomacy in Ireland - The European Diplomat.
24UA Fund is certified by the state and has a complete package of documents, reports under the laws
We minimize bureaucracy in order to solve problems quickly and efficiently
We are responsible for our own authority with the funds
100% of the funds raised are used for their intended purpose
We report to each Donor on the funds spent


We are always open to new ideas, good deeds and partnerships!

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